Hello 3CX Administrators,

To avoid interruption to inbound calls and chat notifications, you must disable your custom Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) setup no later than Friday 5th March 2021.

Why Am I Receiving This Email?

You’ve received this email because you’re using 3CX v.16 and a custom Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) setup. This setup will no longer be supported with the next version of the 3CX Android app as Google requires applications to be linked to specific configurations. If you’ve already updated to v16 update 8 no further action is required.

What Do I Need to Do?

To automatically update your settings you must update to 3CX v.16 update 8. Once updated, you’ll need to inform Android users to open the app and update the FCM configuration. Inbound call and chat notifications will be maintained with the update.

I Can’t Meet the Deadline of Friday 5th March 2021

If you can’t meet the deadline of Friday 5th March 2021 follow these steps immediately:

  • Go to your 3CX Management Console Dashboard
  • Check the PUSH config status in the Information section
  • Choose 1 of the options below:
    • Option 1: 3CX Account: No further action required
    • Option 2: Own Account: Follow these instructions:
      • Click to open the settings page
      • Remove “Server Key” and “Sender ID”
      • Save with OK.

You have reset the account to default. You can inform your users to open the Android app once to update the configuration.

On a positive note, this allows 3CX to use the latest version of FCM integration on your mobile device, and as a result, improves delivery and stability.

We thank you for choosing 3CX,
The 3CX/HTS Team

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