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Primary steps..

Install 3cx in windows or linux, While installation IP should be static and cannot be changed,
Once changed you have to take backup, reinstall 3cx with new IP and restore the backup.

Changing the IP’s affect extension provisioning, wallboard and Reporting,etc….

If you enable “PBX Deliveres audio”, “SIP Replace header” and “Supports Re-Invite” in extension
settings, You should enable it in SIP Trunk Settings.

SIP Trunking configuration

— — — — — — — — — — — —

IP :
Codecs allowed :G711Ulaw
Extension : 1XX
Ooredoo Qatar SIP Trunk : XXXXX600–XXXXX699

IP :
Codecs allowed :G711Ulaw
Extension : 5XX
Queues : 8XX

3CX Configurations
1)Create One SIP trunk for Extension to extension calls in between the PABX.
SIP Trunk in New Trunk Generic SIP Trunk , 3cx by giving peer IP, No authentication
**In the extension Settings, Please don’t forget to give Outbound caller ID in order to pass original caller
instead of trunk ID for Out calls.

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