📌Another Ransomware attack reported in Doha.  Lost all the data.  Take backup and keep it out of network, keep multiple copies, and rotate the backup medium. Please be responsible.

We’ve already gave some recommendations. Repeating it here.  Sorry for the repetition 
1- Remove all XP and Windows 7 from the network . Update Microsoft security patches all the time 

2- Don’t directly publish port.  If you need to allow remote access do it by SSL VPN 

3- If you want to publish anything without VPN ( I mean for public ) use WAF ( web application firewall) 

4- Subcribe email services from reputed companies like Google and Microsoft. Don’t go for a cheap 

5- Strict password policy for the users.  Don’t allow passwords like password@123, your ex-GF name  etc.  

6- If you are part of financial or govt companies, or dealing with petroleum companies, strictly follow stringent policies, don’t take any risk , you may end up in Jail.  

Always take backup 

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