Avaya Aura and Call Center Elite Lifecycle Milestone -End of Manufacturer Support (EoMS) July 9, 2018
All Avaya users please contact our support to replace, or take care of any expired products they are using in Doha Qatar . 44775632 send us mail. sales@htsqatar.com

Typically EoMS does not have a formal notification as per lifecycle policy it occurs 1 year after a major release is declared End Of Sale for New and Upgrades.
However, R6 EoMS is an important event that can be leveraged as part of Upgrade discussions with our customers, So we felt it was important to officially state it for R6 Aura and R6 Call Center Elite

Effective July 9, 2018, Avaya Aura® R6 and Call Center Elite R6, will be End of Manufacturer Support (EoMS)

Per Lifecycle Policy, EoMS of a Major Software release occurs roughly 12 months after End of Sale (EoS) of that release New and Upgrade transactions which, for Avaya Aura® R6, occurred June 12, 2017.
EoMS means there will be no further manufacturer design support for Avaya Aura®and Call Center Elite R6 software;
this includes Service Packs/Bug Fix/Patches and Security Updates.
Avaya Extended Support Services for Avaya Aura®6 remains available, per Lifecycle policy https://downloads.avaya.com/css/P8/documents/100081098.
Avaya recommends customers upgrade to current manufacturer supported release to benefit from the new business values and to maintain the support and security levels their business demand.

I highlight the part about no further Security Updates as this seems to resonate the strongest with customers as a motivation to plan, budget and upgrade to a currently supported release.

Avaya Aura R6 and Call Center R6 EoS notice update with the EoMS date and implications.
The updated notice is posted on the Support Portal https://support.avaya.com/css/P8/documents/101033017
and the Sales Portal https://sales.avaya.com/documents/1399635516887
You can use this as a formal communication to your customers

The final Avaya Aura R6 lifecycle event will be Avaya Aura R6 ADD EoS, this is not formally announced but still targeting mid 2018.

I will also take this opportunity to remind of the upcoming Price Increase for Avaya Aura R6 Add, CC Elite ADD and CMS ADD

Effective November 13, 2017 with the Avaya order tools release, Avaya is introducing modest price increases on older versions of Avaya Aura™ platform (Avaya Aura® R6), Elite and CMS software licenses. Currently, these licenses are only available as license additions and are not available for new/upgrade sales. This is a result of older software’s life cycle and this change does not affect the most current version of the software. Avaya recommends customers take this alternative to look into the Engage Now Promotion as an efficient and economical way to upgrade their enterprise and gain access to the latest capabilities in the new release. See https://sales.avaya.com/en/general/engage-now for additional information on the promotion.
**Note Customer systems that are in R6 Buy to Current format (UC or CC Elite) continue to buy their ADD licenses at the R7 Add price. This R6 only price adjustment does not affect these customers.

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