Business in Qatar is in desperate need for reduce spending , and one of it is reducing telephone bills.

In Qatar Land phone calls are anyway free. So companies need not worry about it. But most of the calls from companies now going to Mobile phones as  more and more people totally depends on mobile and dont have a land phone.

Call to Mobile from Land phone is costing too much amount for companies. This cost can be saved by connecting SIM to existing IP Telephony system. You can use either GSM to SIP converter or GSM to Analog converter ( also called GSM Gateway or SIM Gateway ) . All the IP Phone systems we are supplying can be equipped with that   ( Avaya, Cisco or Yealink ) .

Vodafone Untitled

See the offers from both Ooredoo and Vodafone above. In this case they are offering unlimited calls to any Mobile. So your maximum bill will be QR-250.

HTS offering telephony, ERP , Service tiecket and CRM packages for Small Businesses in the Gulf , all of our solutions and very simple and cost effective.

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